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Out of hibernation

After two years of COVID hibernation we are back at it. We started receiving visitors and teams this year and we are excited to see what...

Saying Goodbye

Ate Connie After 24 years of faithful service, Connie or Head Social worker is leaving for America to join her husband. She will be missed.

We are blogging again

So it's been a long time since we blogged. But we are back at it. So over the next few days there will be more and more blogs posted.

Through the eyes of a child

Sometimes its hard for adults to see things in a different perspective, because as we grow older we loose that child like wonder. How do...

It's the sound of war!

It's the sound of war! That's what it sounded like as the girls were taught some self-defence from a great group of guys from Germany....

Summer fun!

Here in the Philippines it's summertime. April-May. That can mean only one thing. Fun, fun, fun! All of the girls will play and have...

Ready Set Go!

This is our new Website/Blog. We hope you will enjoy being updated through it and all we are doing here in the Philippines. It also...

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